Friday, October 1, 2010

Gobbles & Slippers

Today, Ella told me that she wanted to swim with the dolphins and pet them.  I asked her what she needed to do that.  She went to described all of the "gear" she would need to swim with dolphins.  She needs "slippers" aka flippers and "gobbles" aka goggles.  Her definition of "gobbles" ...the things that go over your eyes so you can see the dolphins under water and it won't hurt your eyes.    She said this while covering her eyes with her hands.
So, All I could think is can I find some place that she could really swim with dolphins.  Because I can't imagine what she would do if I told her we were going to do it!  So, you have to be 6 years old to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL... so if at the age of 6, she still wants to do it... we'll find a way!
Sometimes I listen to the things she says and just want to bottle her up and make her stay 3 years old forever.  She's perfect.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy Sundays

Today was a "no hair brush" day.  Brad got Ella up and ready to let me sleep in a little.  So, he didn't do her hair!  Haha, when I finally awoke, I didn't feel the need.  So, since my hair was not looking to fabulous either, we declared it a "no hair brush" day.  Ella seemed to be just fine with it.
We didn't do much.  Watched movies on ABC Family.  Ate grilled cheese.  Walked Zuma around the neighborhood and counted fire hydrants.
It was a nice day.
Sundays are weird for Brad & I.  We spend 3 days with Ella then we just have to turn her over.  I don't much fancy that part.  Especially when we get back to her mom's house and she begs us to stay.  That's rough.  We spend the car ride home talking about her and how wonderful she is every time.  Even when it has been a crazy weekend and I am ready for a break... We miss her the second she's gone.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today had many highlights...
One being that I attended Ella's dance class that Brads mom signed her up for.  This was her second class so far and it was quite entertaining.  2-4 year olds dancing is definitely a riot.  What amazes me the most is how she reacts in groups and how well she follows direction.  She listened and followed the teacher wonderfully!  Plus she looks darn cute in that outfit!  Here she is giggling with the other girls and waiting their turn for personal instruction from the teacher,  Miss Erin!

Aside of dance class...
Today brought some funny "quotes"
We went to El Meson for dinner with Papaw White & JayJay.  They have those candy jar things that are on the "honor system"... take 2 and leave a quarter.  Well, she had her own quarter so she picked out some Laffy Taffy and put the quarter in the box!  She carried it around at first, showing it to Papaw White & JayJay.... then we decided to put it in her purse for later.  We had some fun in the parking lot then said our goodbyes to Papaw & JayJay.
Ella got into her seat and asked for her purse... I gave it to her and she unzipped and pulled out the candy.  I caught her examining it and then she says...  "Soooo..... is this gum or somefing??"
Brad & I just broke out in hysterical laughter because it was like she acted like she knew what it was around Papaw & JayJay then right when she got in the car she wanted us to fill her in on what exactly her candy was!  Haha! Explaining the differences between taffy & gum to a 3 year old is not the easiest argument!  (A 3 year old that gets gum from her Aunt & Papaw Larry, not me!)  They're both tasty and chewy... so why can I swallow one and not the other? 
I really don't know to be honest with you.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I got all excited... then nothing!

Hi!  I was all excited about blogging then life got crazy for a bit and I just didn't have anything to say for a few weeks.  But today changed that.

Ella gets dropped off at school (daycare) very early... I think she's one of the first kids there.  Brad or I or both of us together, pick her up every time she's there.   Well, the kids at school think I'm Ella's mommy.  I assume that probably has something to do with the fact that their mommies come get them and I'm the woman that picks up Ella.  Well, sometimes the kids say things to Ella when I come in the room like Ella, your mommys here!  She has never corrected them or said anything to them.
Well, today they were sitting around a TV in little chairs when Brad & I arrived.  There were about 12 of them from the age of 3 to 5 it looked like...  Ella's classmates saw me coming and started to point and say "Ella!! Your mommy is here!!  Your mommy is here!!"  Well, almost all of the kids joined in ...saying "Your mommy is here, Ella!"
She looked at me and I smiled and she looked back at the kids and stood up from her chair and screamed at the top of her lungs....  "THAT'S NOT MY MOMMY!!!!  THAT'S MY AMY!!!!!!"
It was the cutest thing in the world.  I knew the other kids were confused, but it just made my day.

On another note...
Ella is obsessed with spotting fire hydrants.  She thinks that seeing one is so rare that every time she sees one she has to scream "FIRE HYDRANT, FIRE HYDRANT!"  until we acknowledge her and tell her good job for spotting one.  I know that one day Brad told her about the fire hydrants and they played a little game to count how many they saw, but it is now very important for her to point EVERY one out to us.  I don't know if you realize how many fire hydrants are on your street, but wow.  Haha!

What I love most about having a child around is getting excited about the little things.  I can show her something sparkly... anything... and get excited about it and it's the coolest thing since sliced bread.  It's amazing.

One more amazing thing...
She has the world's greatest memory, in my opinion.  I had a bridal shower in May that was at Stacey Rogers (aka Cisse)'s house.  Ella came to the shower... first time she had ever been to Stacey's house and I believe Ella has met Stacey just a couple other times other than the shower.  But, there is a drawing that is framed in our kitchen that our friend Alicia gave us as a gift for the shower.  It's a drawing of a bride & groom, super cute.  Well, Ella always talks about who the people are in the picture... but tonight she asked me where I got that picture!  I said "Alicia gave it to us!"  And she straight up told me "NO!  We got it from Stacey's house!!"  I was so confused.  I didn't even realize at first what she was talking about... or that she was even referring to Stacey Rogers!  And I told her she was wrong and again that Alicia gave it to us as a gift.  She said, "NO!  It came from Stacey's house!!!!!"
I just stepped away from her in awe....  I realized what she was telling me.  Ridiculous.    How does she remember that?!?

Anyway, it was a wonderful Friday night with Ella!  Can't wait to see her tomorrow!  I'm sure I'll have more to post... she's going to dance class tomorrow afternoon!  Yay!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inspired by Angie Bruce

So, Angie Bruce inspired the obvious idea of blogging.  Haha, you would think that it wouldn't be like a light bulb going off, but it was.  Duh, why wouldn't I blog all the adventures I run into being a step mother?  Perfect.  I always have running list of all the amazing things that Ella says.  I try to tell everyone so that there's no way I can forget, haha.  It's true... I'm probably one of the most annoying step mothers.  I'm just in total awe of everything that comes out that little girls mouth.
Now, most of you know how amazing our little Ella is.  She's a ray of sunshine, a drama queen, a definite only child (a spoiled one at that), and full of knowledge.  Her first 12-18 months, she was a constant information absorber... with only bits and pieces coming out.  Then one day... I feel like it just all came out.  Haha!  I know it didn't quite work like that, but one day, she just grew up and started making sense!!!  I've been apart of her life since she was 6 months, so her and I are buds.  We've been besties since probably the day I met her.  My first moment with her was one of the first couple times we got to hang out...and she normally didn't sit still... being that she was just learning how to get around and crawl.  Well, I sat outside alone with her for a good 30 minutes just talking to her and pointing at things and telling her what they were.  She just sat on my lap and admired everything with me.  It was bff from then on out!
Anyway, since we share custody, I will have plenty of time to sit down and write about what our days together consist of.  I'm very excited about this... I know every parent thinks their child is the best...  But come on, she really is the best.  :)