Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy Sundays

Today was a "no hair brush" day.  Brad got Ella up and ready to let me sleep in a little.  So, he didn't do her hair!  Haha, when I finally awoke, I didn't feel the need.  So, since my hair was not looking to fabulous either, we declared it a "no hair brush" day.  Ella seemed to be just fine with it.
We didn't do much.  Watched movies on ABC Family.  Ate grilled cheese.  Walked Zuma around the neighborhood and counted fire hydrants.
It was a nice day.
Sundays are weird for Brad & I.  We spend 3 days with Ella then we just have to turn her over.  I don't much fancy that part.  Especially when we get back to her mom's house and she begs us to stay.  That's rough.  We spend the car ride home talking about her and how wonderful she is every time.  Even when it has been a crazy weekend and I am ready for a break... We miss her the second she's gone.

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