Friday, October 1, 2010

Gobbles & Slippers

Today, Ella told me that she wanted to swim with the dolphins and pet them.  I asked her what she needed to do that.  She went to described all of the "gear" she would need to swim with dolphins.  She needs "slippers" aka flippers and "gobbles" aka goggles.  Her definition of "gobbles" ...the things that go over your eyes so you can see the dolphins under water and it won't hurt your eyes.    She said this while covering her eyes with her hands.
So, All I could think is can I find some place that she could really swim with dolphins.  Because I can't imagine what she would do if I told her we were going to do it!  So, you have to be 6 years old to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL... so if at the age of 6, she still wants to do it... we'll find a way!
Sometimes I listen to the things she says and just want to bottle her up and make her stay 3 years old forever.  She's perfect.