Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today had many highlights...
One being that I attended Ella's dance class that Brads mom signed her up for.  This was her second class so far and it was quite entertaining.  2-4 year olds dancing is definitely a riot.  What amazes me the most is how she reacts in groups and how well she follows direction.  She listened and followed the teacher wonderfully!  Plus she looks darn cute in that outfit!  Here she is giggling with the other girls and waiting their turn for personal instruction from the teacher,  Miss Erin!

Aside of dance class...
Today brought some funny "quotes"
We went to El Meson for dinner with Papaw White & JayJay.  They have those candy jar things that are on the "honor system"... take 2 and leave a quarter.  Well, she had her own quarter so she picked out some Laffy Taffy and put the quarter in the box!  She carried it around at first, showing it to Papaw White & JayJay.... then we decided to put it in her purse for later.  We had some fun in the parking lot then said our goodbyes to Papaw & JayJay.
Ella got into her seat and asked for her purse... I gave it to her and she unzipped and pulled out the candy.  I caught her examining it and then she says...  "Soooo..... is this gum or somefing??"
Brad & I just broke out in hysterical laughter because it was like she acted like she knew what it was around Papaw & JayJay then right when she got in the car she wanted us to fill her in on what exactly her candy was!  Haha! Explaining the differences between taffy & gum to a 3 year old is not the easiest argument!  (A 3 year old that gets gum from her Aunt & Papaw Larry, not me!)  They're both tasty and chewy... so why can I swallow one and not the other? 
I really don't know to be honest with you.


  1. Let it be know that Aunt Erin is the one who gives her the gum. I just torture her by blowing bubbles and not letter her have any. :-)

  2. That should say letting her...not letter her. Ha!

  3. I'm a rebellious Aunt! What can I say?