Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inspired by Angie Bruce

So, Angie Bruce inspired the obvious idea of blogging.  Haha, you would think that it wouldn't be like a light bulb going off, but it was.  Duh, why wouldn't I blog all the adventures I run into being a step mother?  Perfect.  I always have running list of all the amazing things that Ella says.  I try to tell everyone so that there's no way I can forget, haha.  It's true... I'm probably one of the most annoying step mothers.  I'm just in total awe of everything that comes out that little girls mouth.
Now, most of you know how amazing our little Ella is.  She's a ray of sunshine, a drama queen, a definite only child (a spoiled one at that), and full of knowledge.  Her first 12-18 months, she was a constant information absorber... with only bits and pieces coming out.  Then one day... I feel like it just all came out.  Haha!  I know it didn't quite work like that, but one day, she just grew up and started making sense!!!  I've been apart of her life since she was 6 months, so her and I are buds.  We've been besties since probably the day I met her.  My first moment with her was one of the first couple times we got to hang out...and she normally didn't sit still... being that she was just learning how to get around and crawl.  Well, I sat outside alone with her for a good 30 minutes just talking to her and pointing at things and telling her what they were.  She just sat on my lap and admired everything with me.  It was bff from then on out!
Anyway, since we share custody, I will have plenty of time to sit down and write about what our days together consist of.  I'm very excited about this... I know every parent thinks their child is the best...  But come on, she really is the best.  :)

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